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We believe in right character with the right education will make a great combination.

Gurukulam not only assesses the students education but also the character which is equally vital.

Continuous observation and assessment is done to help the student grow as they progress.

We have created our own syllabus to properly guide students throughout their journey. Students are encouraged to host and participate practice sessions with fellow students. This will have a lot of positive impact over the learning curve.

Mentoring will help to learn with the peers and creates a positive impact.

Mentors are selected from the students based on their performance in the exams and their ability to help others.

It is always the responsibility of the mentee to seek the help of mentor.

Students are advised to create their own practice plans according to the lessons.

  1. Divide your lesson into parts
  2. Create your own peer group to practice together. Practicing together will help to grow faster in the learning curve
  3. Refer to the audio and video material available
  4. Seek the help of mentor if needed
  5. Record your practice sessions, and check them for any mistakes or errors
  6. Do remember to practice daily. Never skip any day.
  7. Optimal practice time is 1-3 hours a day.
  8. Schedule special practice time, to work on the backlogs or revise your previous lessons.
  9. A review with your teacher can be done once the recording is certified ok by your mentor.
  10. Log your practice and it is mandatory.
  11. Complete your homework promptly